Spring Equinox

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Spring Equinox


Spring equinox brings Winter thaw and exciting new beginning of Spring new life, growth, and hope.  
Equinox, Latin for ‘equal night’ is when night and day are exactly 12 hours each around the world.    
Historically, humans follow cycles of the sun to know when to plant and when to sow. We’ve built beautiful symbols of celebration to that effect, most famous Stonehenge in UK and most fun, Mayans built the temple Kukulcán Mexico 1000 years B.C. when twice a year on the equinoxes, due to the angle of the sun, the temple creates a stunning vision of a giant serpent slithering down the temple steps! 

Another beautiful symbol of Spring this time of year is when Cherry Blossoms will blast a gorgeous shower of blooms in DC that peak for about 2 weeks late March early April. This a gift of friendship among nations, Japan to America in 1912.  

This Spring I wish you a renewed sense of excitement and abundance and the friendship we have with so many people around the world.